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Rapid Solution Web Package, and

It is the corporate website package offered by Medyasoft for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition in the digital world. Quickly follow the 3 steps below and with the guidance of our expert consultants, create the website that best suits your company's needs.

#1: Choose The One That Is Right For You From Our Corporate Designs!

Unigate Digital Experience Platform offers you a diverse set of integrated enterprise applications running on the platform core, the Unigate Core.

You can quickly benefit from an end-to-end value chain by using one or more applications you deem appropriate from this set, in line with your corporate needs.

Within the scope of our rapid solution web package, you can evaluate the alternative site designs in our catalog that are suitable for your business and customize them according to your desired corporate identity requirements.

All of our designs are developed with modern design approaches and are 100% compatible with web, tablet, and mobile platforms.

All rapid solution packages require only a single Unigate Core instance to run.

#2: Provide Suitable Content for Pre-Determined Site Map!

With our corporate web solution, we offer you a comprehensive modern website consisting of contents that are essential for the information architecture of a corporate business.

If you wish, you can quickly configure all the ready-made features we offer and start using them without losing any time, or you can request various adaptations and additional developments in line with your in-house needs with the support of our expert consultants.

Depending on the Unigate Core package you prefer, all these additional developments and adaptations can be carried out by you or your technical team without any dependency.

#3: Let's Publish Your Corporate Web Site!

Our expert consultant team will publish the applications you have specified and perform the configuration you have requested with one of the Unigate Core packages of your choice.

All Unigate Core packages offered are carefully prepared for the various requirements your business might need and offer very powerful capabilities for the digital presence of your business.

This package you choose is independent of the content of our rapid solution application packages and determines what advanced additional technical capabilities the Unigate DXP will offer to you.

Unigate DXP


Frequently Asked Questions

The Unigate package you have chosen determines whether the skill set that the CMS system can offer you will be narrower or wider. For example; While the starter package basically only allows you to edit all the content on the existing site, the professional package allows you to create new content types and designs or to interfere with all existing designs and information types.

Unless you want a special offer, containing a term-based content management service, within the scope of the rapid solution web package, we complete all necessary actions, publish your website, and transfer its management to you.

To keep up with the rapidly developing technology world and even to offer experiences ahead of it, our expert team is constantly working on technical development, improvement, etc. regarding our software. That is why, for you to receive updates that can provide you with the best experience at all times, our licenses are offered an annual renewal model.

When you prefer to use the packages as they are, we can offer you the most appropriate budget. However, we can provide consultancy services for all the changes you desire, both in terms of design and information architecture.

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